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Topic subjectRIP Biz Markie
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13437469, RIP Biz Markie
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Fri Jul-16-21 07:05 PM
Source: TMZ.

One of the first rappers I remember as a kid, now gone.


13437471, RIP Biz...as a 50 year old i enjoyed many good times to your music
Posted by mikediggz, Fri Jul-16-21 07:09 PM
rest well sir
13437472, RIP. Seemed like a great guy
Posted by DJR, Fri Jul-16-21 07:23 PM
And an absolute legend in hip hop.
13437473, One of the cornerstones of the Juice Crew. RIP.
Posted by Castro, Fri Jul-16-21 07:27 PM
I hope that he was comfortable in his last days. He gave us so many moments of joy and fun.
13437474, Nobody beats the Biz
Posted by after midnight, Fri Jul-16-21 07:51 PM
Rest in Power, Bizmarkie.

NOW I understand diabetes is no joke, something to take seriously.
13437479, WTF is going on in 2021
Posted by javi222, Fri Jul-16-21 09:44 PM
Hip hop legends keep passing away :(

Rip Biz Markie, Double K, Gift of Gab, MF Doom, Dmx, Shock G, Black Rob
13437483, I know
Posted by Lil Rabies, Fri Jul-16-21 11:04 PM
Still ain't over Shock and MF DOOM(top 5), but hearing the podcast, "What had happened was" first season gave me so much respect for Biz's ability to float through boroughs on some hip hop adventurer shit back in the day. Much respect.
13437502, MF Doom died in 2020.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Sat Jul-17-21 04:57 PM
13437547, Sure but we only heard about it on NYE so ..
Posted by Brew, Mon Jul-19-21 12:19 PM
... still feels like it was 2021.
13437485, Edan was right. This is a sad day.
Posted by stylez dainty, Fri Jul-16-21 11:43 PM
13437497, First thing I thought of when I heard
Posted by Adwhizz, Sat Jul-17-21 12:29 PM
13437508, RE: First thing I thought of when I heard
Posted by Mgmt, Sat Jul-17-21 07:55 PM
13437511, Me too.
Posted by mrhood75, Sat Jul-17-21 08:43 PM
13437486, Respect due.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Sat Jul-17-21 12:22 AM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13437490, Rest in Peace Biz
Posted by ProgressiveSound, Sat Jul-17-21 04:58 AM
Thank you
13437494, RIB (rest in beats)
Posted by luminous, Sat Jul-17-21 11:14 AM
13437495, I own less than ten, physical CDs…
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Jul-17-21 12:03 PM
one of them is the original version of “I Need A Haircut”. Rest well, Biz.
13437496, I own that CD as well, wish I never opened it
Posted by Ray_Snill, Sat Jul-17-21 12:16 PM
>one of them is the original version of “I Need A
>Haircut”. Rest well, Biz.

13437513, I have that same CD...
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Jul-18-21 12:10 AM
and yeah.
13437524, damn.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Mon Jul-19-21 05:56 AM
13437498, Rest in peace. :(
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Sat Jul-17-21 02:55 PM
13437500, If....
Posted by The3rdOne, Sat Jul-17-21 03:55 PM
Tracy Morgan was an emcee, He would be Biz Markie.

Rest in power to the true originator.
13437509, RIP
Posted by Mgmt, Sat Jul-17-21 07:55 PM
13437514, RE: RIP Biz Markie
Posted by Mgmt, Sun Jul-18-21 07:59 AM

Some details that I personally had forgotten.
13437516, Rest In Power To Biz Markie
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Sun Jul-18-21 09:59 AM
When I heard the news yesterday I was hoping it was another one of those "internet posting false rumors" type of situations since they was posting about his death a month ago that was false; but nope he really couldn't get his diabetes under control and passed away from complications of it.....DAMN.

Rest In Power to the diabolical Biz Markie. :( :( :(

13437518, Rest in power. Biz & phife dying due to diabetes complications
Posted by dillinjah, Sun Jul-18-21 01:05 PM
is so frustrating to read. To state the obvious, way too soon.
13437519, damn. RIP. knew it was coming but it still hits hard.
Posted by poetx, Sun Jul-18-21 01:41 PM

peace & blessings,



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13437540, RIP
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jul-19-21 10:29 AM
One of my fondest musical memories is watching the video for Just a Friend. Probably a huge reason why I got into Hip Hop. He seemed like a great person too.
13437548, Fuck 2021. RIP to a king of the game.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jul-19-21 12:20 PM