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Topic subjectHe should be pretty cool for movie fans
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13437414, He should be pretty cool for movie fans
Posted by Nodima, Thu Jul-15-21 11:48 PM
I didn't read a lot of Kang as a kid, but what makes him interesting is that pretty much every version of him has come from the future to wield his knowledge against less intelligent civilizations, and like Loki's Kang argues it's often in a sort of Thanos-adjacent aim at benevolence, but he's also incredibly unpredictable and condescending because you're not always meeting the same Kang, but he's always coming from the same place of being smarter/"better" than everyone.

Given the performance, and set up, from Jonathan Majors in this episode, it'll be interesting to see if Phase 4/5/6 even focuses on any one version of Kang or if Majors becomes the Downey/Evans of this Marvel run, just playing different roles all the time.

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