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Topic subjectAnyone watching Loki?
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13434988, Anyone watching Loki?
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jun-10-21 11:50 AM
Watched the first ep last night and that shit was hilarious AND entertaining.

now sure where its going but I’m along for the ride.
13434989, first episode preludes everything so nicely
Posted by tomjohn29, Thu Jun-10-21 11:57 AM
rule of thumb...if they are a major actor/actress they are not just there for the TV shows...they will have an impact on future movies
Gugu's role is MAJOR for upcoming movie arcs !!!!!
13434990, when he opened the drawer and saw all those stones.. lmao
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jun-10-21 12:26 PM
13434991, !!
Posted by infin8, Thu Jun-10-21 01:00 PM

13434997, this is what heaven is really like
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jun-10-21 02:34 PM
prolly get up there and see all the things we crave like diamonds and gold coins and they are like “we use those for the cat litter”
13434992, his face was so defeated
Posted by tomjohn29, Thu Jun-10-21 01:03 PM
13434995, Hell yeah...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Thu Jun-10-21 01:39 PM
..great start.

I'm all in.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13434996, I’m all in.
Posted by JFrost1117, Thu Jun-10-21 02:31 PM
The pre-Ragnarok version of Loki needed all these kicks in the (gender-fluid) dick. The DB Cooper thing was kind of a let down because I thought that would’ve been a full episode sometime down the line. I’m glad my boo from Lovecraft Country is in this.
13435087, My question is... were they referencing Mephisto in that Chapel???
Posted by Lach, Fri Jun-11-21 11:27 AM
13435090, I thought so BUT.....
Posted by handle, Fri Jun-11-21 11:34 AM
That could just be the devil.

If this is another version of Loki (in a ladies body) then it's not Mephisto.

The director says it's Loki's horns;
13435091, or possibly Kang?
Posted by Lach, Fri Jun-11-21 11:36 AM
Man I'm so intrigued by this series I can't wait till next week lol
13435094, They've already cast Kang for the films
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Jun-11-21 11:42 AM
He's going to be the villain in Ant-Man 3, and they're reportedly setting him up to be the next Thanos type. Plua, onw of the characters already has a connection to Kang in the comic books. So it's likely that he may figure into this somehow. At least alluded to at some point.
13435104, Kang is Johnathan Majors from Lovecraft Country
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Jun-11-21 12:06 PM
13435112, I was kinda hyped about that. I like dude's acting style
Posted by Lach, Fri Jun-11-21 12:28 PM
13435111, yeah I heard. I was wondering if they were beginning to set it up
Posted by Lach, Fri Jun-11-21 12:28 PM
since they're dealing with time travel now
13435128, I doubt they actually show him in the series
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Jun-11-21 02:00 PM
You're very likely right that they're setting things up for him, and the characters will probably allude to him, especially by the end, where they could reveal that he's the force behind whoever is the villain here.

But they usually introduce the "major" MCU characters on the big screen, rather than the small one. The one exception was in Falcon and Winter Soldier, and that was because Black Widow was supposed to be in theaters before that show premiered. So I doubt we actually get to see Majors as Kang yet. Or at least I'd be VERY surprised.
13435144, or his wife being in the show already
Posted by tomjohn29, Fri Jun-11-21 05:37 PM
13435265, On another note, did they really show Chronopolis in Ant Man & The Wasp?
Posted by Lach, Tue Jun-15-21 12:54 PM
My boy was telling me they showed Chronopolis for a quick second when Hank and his wife were about to leave the Quantum realm. I’ve seen the movie like 5 times and never noticed it but when I went back to where he was saying, it really does look like a city in a bubble in the background as they rocket out of there. Which makes sense if that’s the case cuz that could have been where Hank’s wife lived for those 20 years. And now it really does look like they were setting up to talk about it in Ant Man 3. I totally missed that.
13435158, I haven't like a show this much in a minute.
Posted by T Reynolds, Sat Jun-12-21 03:53 PM
The whole premise of the TVA is amazing and the fact that the place that is untouched by time looks like 70s bureaucratic design that every city still has is hilarious
13435246, Pretty strong opener. Love to see how this will tie in to future movies
Posted by nonaime, Tue Jun-15-21 05:28 AM
13435258, thats the kind of first episode i hoped for from a marvel show
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-15-21 11:18 AM
not that all marvel shows need to be like this but this is what i like most about the MCU.

13435281, Count me in!
Posted by snacks, Tue Jun-15-21 07:43 PM
First ep was fire
13435907, I'm not sure why Loki is a criminal
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jun-23-21 05:51 PM
He picked up the tesseract and boom, he was a criminal.
But he didn't purposely break the timeline.
13435954, you might have a point
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jun-24-21 09:31 AM
i think the newest episode started hinting harder at something else going on with the TVA.

maybe its more about the fact that loki left his previous timeline and the repercussions of that. or maybe even the loki we are seeing now would had gone on to mess things up, which they in theory already saw happen, so they went back and got him before he had a chance to.
13435956, It’s a light show but they’re tapping into free will
Posted by MEAT, Thu Jun-24-21 09:37 AM
Ala all controlling or minority report style
13436064, I’m all types of confused. Isnt the Loki the TVA captures
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jun-25-21 07:31 AM
the same one that just killed millions on earth?

13436065, But that ain’t no time crime
Posted by MEAT, Fri Jun-25-21 07:36 AM
13436077, I’m not even going to attempt to act like I know all of this
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jun-25-21 09:53 AM
but didn’t Loki variant lady say the TVA is just regular ass people from earth who think they have been doing Gods work all this time.
13436407, He is supposed to go back to Asgard
Posted by spirit, Wed Jun-30-21 01:14 AM
As soon as he vanished with the Tesseract, care of Tony by way of a rampaging Hulk, he broke away from the way the timeline was supposed to progress. They gotta whack him at that point before he causes a bunch of other timeline branches. Imagine if they let variant Loki run wild and he, say, popped back up on Earth, joined Hydra, and helped Bucky murk Cap on the Helicarrier? LOL.


Spirit (Alan)
13436071, Doesn't matter... the one true timeline must be protected
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Fri Jun-25-21 08:24 AM
>He picked up the tesseract and boom, he was a criminal.
>But he didn't purposely break the timeline.

to keep the peace... at least as the Time Keepers tell it.

I think the show is going to examine that premise and show the Time Keepers' intentions are less noble.

13436074, I think that's the point...
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Jun-25-21 09:18 AM
The people convicted as "Variants" aren't necessarily doing anything wrong, just something that wasn't "supposed" to happen based on the Time Keepers idea of what the sacred timeline is. It's not about purposefully doing something wrong or evil, or the Time Keepers would be stopping Thanos and other villains. So end the end it's likely that there's a Wizard of Oz type of reveal for the Time Keepers where they are the real villains, resetting all these innocent people, calling them variants and making them work for the TVA.

>He picked up the tesseract and boom, he was a criminal.
>But he didn't purposely break the timeline.
13436081, yup
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Fri Jun-25-21 10:41 AM
13437127, So...the castle. Any thoughts on who they'll meet in there?
Posted by Lach, Mon Jul-12-21 01:56 PM
13437142, i think the context kind of hints at it
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jul-12-21 02:58 PM
they might be throwing us off but it seems they want us to expect it to be another loki.
13437143, All signs point to....
Posted by double 0, Mon Jul-12-21 03:06 PM

but we'll see
13437147, my coworker predicted Dr Doom
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jul-12-21 03:26 PM
13437148, and with the Fantastic Four coming to the MCU in 2023
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jul-12-21 03:29 PM
this would be the perfect introduction
13437171, The rumor was they'd be introducing him in a Black Panther flick
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Jul-12-21 06:27 PM
13437150, I'd lose my mind
Posted by Lach, Mon Jul-12-21 03:46 PM
13437168, he thinks its too big of a reveal for Loki
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jul-12-21 06:15 PM
but I think it would be a nice soft introduction for the MCU.

Who was holding that lantern with the hood on?


just sayin!!!
13437172, they not dropping Dr Doom in some D+ filler shit lol
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Jul-12-21 06:30 PM
13437170, I'm hoping for Immortus
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Jul-12-21 06:26 PM
Which would be tough to explain, given that they're introducing Kang soon. But I don't think they're introducing Kang straight-up in a TV series. They're going to wait for the movies.

I'm hoping that it's not another Loki.
13437173, another loki i bet
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Jul-12-21 06:31 PM
13437174, Either 'He Who Remains'
Posted by EAS, Mon Jul-12-21 06:44 PM
or it is another Loki variant. I don't think Kang will show up until 'Ant Man & the Wasp: Quantumania'.

Everything points to Kang in 'Loki', but I believe it will be a huge misdirect. You all know Marvel loves messing with our heads.
13437206, RE: Either 'He Who Remains'
Posted by double 0, Tue Jul-13-21 10:57 AM
Read some theories that "he who remains" could be a loki variant... maybe the old head loki
13437211, another Loki variant would be wack af
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Jul-13-21 11:44 AM
we just watched 50 of them fighting each other.

the fuck I need to wait another week to see one more Loki?

13437229, It would, but it would also be in keeping with the theme of the story
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jul-13-21 02:05 PM
People put a lot of expectations on these shows, but WandaVision and Falcon vs. WS have shown that these shows aren't here for fan service when it comes to introducing lots of characters. I may want them to introduce Immortus as the guy behind it all, but from a storytelling perspective it wouldn't make sense for the villain behind it all to be someone we haven't seen or hasn't been mentioned or even alluded to in the previous five episodes.

The show has been about the nature of Loki, so it would make that the "ultimate" Loki would be the one behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

And whoever it is in the castle, I'm pretty sure that they're controlling the Miss Minutes cartoon. And they **are** in some way Miss Minutes.
13437233, I agree with you but with one wrinkle
Posted by Nopayne, Tue Jul-13-21 02:42 PM
I thought I heard they were going to do a season 2 for this one. If that's true then I can see them introducing a "medium bad" to focus on as some kind of cliffhanger.
13437237, man.. I want them to push these shows past the same old formula
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Jul-13-21 03:00 PM
I know its a bit greedy on my way end but why can’t this show introduce a new character or hint at the arrival of a major villain?

13437353, They hit it put the park with this one
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jul-15-21 10:06 AM
now, I have no idea who Kang is but from what I hear he is a serious bass ass villain.

much better than another Loki variant.

13437414, He should be pretty cool for movie fans
Posted by Nodima, Thu Jul-15-21 11:48 PM
I didn't read a lot of Kang as a kid, but what makes him interesting is that pretty much every version of him has come from the future to wield his knowledge against less intelligent civilizations, and like Loki's Kang argues it's often in a sort of Thanos-adjacent aim at benevolence, but he's also incredibly unpredictable and condescending because you're not always meeting the same Kang, but he's always coming from the same place of being smarter/"better" than everyone.

Given the performance, and set up, from Jonathan Majors in this episode, it'll be interesting to see if Phase 4/5/6 even focuses on any one version of Kang or if Majors becomes the Downey/Evans of this Marvel run, just playing different roles all the time.

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13437354, Good job!!!
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jul-15-21 10:07 AM
13437212, My favorite of the marvel shows so far
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Jul-13-21 11:50 AM
13437293, Hot damn
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jul-14-21 10:16 AM
13437304, Wow they wasted no time!
Posted by KnowOne, Wed Jul-14-21 12:22 PM
pardon the pun lol, but didnt expect that.
13437350, Ok that casting was 10x better than I thought
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Jul-15-21 09:00 AM
I liked Majors in Lovecraft but he hit this portrayal out of the park. Dude was absolutely devouring the scenery
Curious to see what he plays the other versions like
13437352, Yeah he was killing it
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Jul-15-21 09:23 AM
I was really impressed.
13437376, i was sold on him after the last black man in san francisco
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Thu Jul-15-21 01:11 PM
13437377, Yeah a lot of folks have told me to watch that today
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Jul-15-21 01:34 PM
I’m not much of a movie guy so I’ve never heard of it but it’s on my buddys plex
13437391, that movie was way too long
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jul-15-21 02:33 PM
It was good but whoever made it needed to trim the fat on that joint.
13437378, will just be cool when he is the destroyer and savior at the same time
Posted by tomjohn29, Thu Jul-15-21 01:41 PM
13437443, My god he killed it!
Posted by spades, Fri Jul-16-21 10:50 AM
I wasn't ready.
13437405, They put their drawers into this series. I'm so hyped now lol
Posted by Lach, Thu Jul-15-21 06:13 PM
They actually went there. I was hoping for it but prepared myself for a letdown. But they actually went there in a series.
13437416, i'm confused..where is 'there'?
Posted by Damali, Fri Jul-16-21 12:36 AM

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13437418, everywhere
Posted by Nodima, Fri Jul-16-21 12:50 AM
Like, in some ways it's a pretty cynical move from Marvel. They're looking at all the re-cast superheroes and villains across time (I actually think Toby Maguire as Spider-Man is still the lock on the door even if Spider-Verse proved to be the key) and realizing that they've built the sort of beast that, even if it falters from it's phase 3 height, is basically an impenetrable fortress at this point. Marvel doesn't need to tell a decade-long story anymore (though it will) and it doesn't need central characters anymore (though it will have them), instead it has the constumes and the action and the "who knows who and who is where" question looming over everything now. They can tell just about any story they want and put any sort of actor in those suits, just like in the comics, but for now they've managed to maintain that everything is related to the core story they'd been telling for 15 years now.

The ending of this Loki series gives them an out for everything, from Steve and Tony dying to having to remember how they wrapped up the Hulk storyline or where they left Wanda in that cabin. Thanos can even come back as the villain for a movie if Brolin is available and they get desperate for a compelling performance. Everything is on the table now and anecdotally it seems like one 20 minute performance, essentially entirely table setting and monologue, from Jonathan Majors sold it to all but the most casual surface level MCU watcher.

From a corporate stance you could call it safe, I guess, but from a storytelling stance Marvel is really asking theater audiences to fully give themselves over to the machine in a way that really only comic book and maybe video game people are used to. And the consensus seems to be that the answer to that ask is "yes please!"

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13437442, Well said.
Posted by spades, Fri Jul-16-21 10:49 AM
13437461, Yessuh. You said it all.
Posted by Lach, Fri Jul-16-21 01:58 PM
13437462, ^^All of this an more^^
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Jul-16-21 02:08 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13437466, excellent. i appreciate your explanation
Posted by Damali, Fri Jul-16-21 06:08 PM
and i'm here for it...all of it

i think "fans" are too demanding and it sucks that they gotta do all that just to cast whoever the fuck they want in shit


"But rest assured, in my luxurious house built on the backs of people darker than me, I am sipping fine scotch and scoffing at how stupid you are." - bshelly
13437423, best marvel series by far
Posted by kayru99, Fri Jul-16-21 06:31 AM
really, really well written
13437463, Bravo...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Jul-16-21 02:10 PM
..From the casting, direction, cinematography, scoring:


*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13437541, I loved it
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jul-19-21 10:34 AM
I enjoyed basically every moment of the season. The only point I wavered was the end of episode 4. It seemed like it was going to lose direction but nah they kept hitting.

Based on WandaVision I did not expect them to actually bring out such a big character at the end. For it to be from the beginning of the episode was something else too. This ending definitely has me geeked to see where it all goes from here.