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Topic subjectbuy.. I had to put a deposit to secure one coming in for delivery
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13432148, buy.. I had to put a deposit to secure one coming in for delivery
Posted by jimi, Thu May-06-21 12:27 PM
2021 Kia Telluride

As I said in the other post.. I lucked up on one of these..
my Highlander was totaled so I needed another vehicle.. I wasn't a fan of the new Highlander so I looked at the other comparable SUVs..

I didn't know they were that popular.. I just needed a replacement and I was really feeling the Telluride..

But I had to move fast.. The first go round, I went to go put a deposit for the Drk Gray one, unknown to the salesman that I was dealing with, it was sold by another salesman and didn't update the inventory...

I was pissed cause that one was coming sooner.. ah well

So he had a Black one on the list coming in the following week.. i put the deposit on that and picked it up about 2 weeks ago..

It actually worked out cause I like this one better...

keep in mind.. they weren't even on the lot.. these were vehicles coming in still on the truck..

Salesman did mention the chip shortage..

also, I paid MRSP.. this particular dealership had no problems selling them ...

anyway .. I probably would have gotten a nice chunk of change for that Toyota Highlander, given what's going on.. Toyota always tried to get me to sell the Highlander whenever I took the car in for service..