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Topic subjectI think he is clear and this won't lead to an overturn.
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13432074, I think he is clear and this won't lead to an overturn.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed May-05-21 01:24 PM
Look at the application.


Look at what they are saying he said in the screening.

Mitchell separately told Chauvin's attorney during the jury selection process that he had a “very favorable” opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement and that some police officers are “great guys." He insisted he could be impartial during the trial.

The March is not a Police Protest March. He was pretty clear how he felt about BLM and didn't hide anything.

They will make us try and tear apart this brother or debate whether the march was a police protest march but its all distraction.

Unfortunately they will use this to try and say the outcome was rigged, we shouldn't assist them in that stupid narrative.

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