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Topic subjectLittle Simz - Introvert, this is the craziest beat
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13431761, Little Simz - Introvert, this is the craziest beat
Posted by Ray_Snill, Mon May-03-21 11:01 PM

man I wish he could have gave this track to Jay & Nas

13431772, Nas prolly heard it and passed on it.. lol
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue May-04-21 07:55 AM
13431969, Yeah but then again...
Posted by Anonymous, Tue May-04-21 08:15 PM
If Nas rapped on it we would be in here saying it was some overly- dramatic bullshit and asking why he can’t get Preemo.

13431968, excellent Love her.
Posted by Damali, Tue May-04-21 07:39 PM
Wonderland is my shit too


"But rest assured, in my luxurious house built on the backs of people darker than me, I am sipping fine scotch and scoffing at how stupid you are." - bshelly
13432060, LOUDANDWRONGOPINION: UK rappers over boom bap feels weird
Posted by double negative, Wed May-05-21 11:47 AM
I love grime, I love the stuff thats even grime & hip hop, grime + drill , UK drill, trap, etc.

however....UK lyricists on boom bap beats just feels fucking weird man.

13432210, Been a Simz follower for a min.
Posted by PROMO, Fri May-07-21 09:03 AM
New joint w/ Cleo Sol called "Woman" is DOPE.
13432301, inflo needs to chill
Posted by Nabs, Sun May-09-21 05:54 PM
what a run