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Topic subjectMaybe they tried everything and it still didn't work out
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13431786, Maybe they tried everything and it still didn't work out
Posted by jimi, Tue May-04-21 08:46 AM
She filed and stated that it was pretty much broken

Money doesn't seem to solve everything

if your SO is constantly into their 'business' and doesn't spend much time with the fam, over time it could take it's toll, are you happy? yeah he/she is making a billion dollars and everybody is dripped in GUCCI but he/she is working day and night and is barely home.. taking on new projects and initiatives, that's all good but when do you chill and enjoy the fruits and roses? that void will always be there

from the outside looking, everything looks cool.. "they been together rich for 25 years, they should be able to work out it out"...

who knows what is going on in this house..

You gotta remember, Bill created Microsoft... I don't think his social life was all that great and he definitely wasn't a ladies man... and I don't care how much money you have, it doesn't fix that social awkwardness....