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Topic subjectI'm not falling for his 'walk back' shit
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13432110, I'm not falling for his 'walk back' shit
Posted by handle, Thu May-06-21 09:22 AM
Elon Musk promoted coronavirus misinformation for months. Then his own infection kept him out of SpaceX's astronaut launch.

Dude's a CHUMP to rely un UNRELIABLE rapid testing - the kind he used came back with more false NEGATIVES - but when he got a positive he was like "this is weird, I must be negative and the test is bad."

In the months preceding his diagnosis, Musk insisted that the virus was not very deadly, that young people weren't vulnerable, and that doctors were misattributing deaths to COVID-19 instead of other causes. He sent employees back to work at his California Tesla factory in defiance of local shelter-in-place orders, which he described as "fascist" and "forcible imprisoning." He also predicted the US would be reporting "close to zero new cases" by the end of April. And he vouched for an approach that would allow mass infection before vaccines become available.

Dude's a pathological chump. Baby ran away from California to Texas where he'll be coddled by "real men."

So no he hasn't walked SHIT back.

Look above - people are saying "Crypto isn't bad for the environment except for Bitcoin." And dude's promoting Bitcoin - so much so his company bought $1.5 billion of it.

Dude's a piece of shit to host a comedy show. SNl is famous for this stunt hosting and Trump was destructive enough.

Maybe in 2024 we get Trump again on SNL?

Did Jim Downey start working at SNL again??