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Topic subjectI'm a musician myself. Doesn't matter in terms of comments on a
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13431717, I'm a musician myself. Doesn't matter in terms of comments on a
Posted by soulfunk, Mon May-03-21 02:37 PM
release, but get out of here with "zero musical talent". My degree is in music (jazz studies, performance and improvisation). I've done sound engineering, production, taught lessons, and I play several instruments myself. Up until the pandemic I was doing 100-150 gigs a year.

Again - none of that matters, because this is a freaking message board. We're posting opinions here.

In my opinion, the drums and the bass line on this is lazy. Why? Because if you're going to redo a sample, ESPECIALLY redoing a sample for a song featuring the original artist, then you need to do something different with it to justify why it's being reused. The only thing different on this is that the sample is looped even slower than the original, already laid back song. That contributes to the sleepy, lazy vibe it has. Go listen to the instrumental of Song Cry and then listen to this back to back. Listen to the difference in how the drums hit. These drums sound like defaults from a drum sample pack that haven't been iso'd, separately EQ'd, etc. On the original Just Blaze layered the clap and snare hits separately, and you can hear throughout the song when he takes one of the other away. Adds depth and character to the track. I could go on and on but it's a waste of time.