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Topic subjectOh please. if you caught on, it was easy to say as much
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13431554, Oh please. if you caught on, it was easy to say as much
Posted by Cold Truth, Sat May-01-21 11:55 AM
Kes onut you can never tell with him. He is known for that.

Known for what? Telling people they live in mom's basement? I don't think so.

Telling you that you have really stupid takes on things?
Because I'm nowhere close to being alone in that.

Pointing out that you have a tendency toward supporting white power structures? I'll Be Dat (c)

Known for... Mildly trolling you for a minute with "shut up"?

Known for...defending you when people say you're the reason this site is dead? Because I was definitely in a very small group for that

>If it were anyone else, it would have been different.

Please. If the roles were reversed, I'd have openly taken the L.

And had you caught on and done the same... What, exactly, do you think my response would have been?

Because it was very clearly a joke that I assumed that you'd have caught. Since you didn't, I did another.

You're being melodramatic.

And it's fucking hilarious coming from Mr. YOU DON'T KNOW REAL HIP HOP gatekeeper