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Topic subjectAlways wished that opened the album
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13431539, Always wished that opened the album
Posted by Anonymous, Sat May-01-21 06:01 AM
1 Nasty
2 Back When
3 The Don
4 Queens Story
5 Loco-Motive
6 Black Bond
7 Roses
8 Daughters
9 You Wouldn’t Understand
10 Where’s The Love
11 Stay
12 Cherry Wine
13 Bye Baby

That right there...smh

A fucking problem

I’m talking flawless classic

That second verse on Where’s The Love...

I agree that I think we all rocked that album in the moment but took it for granted

Nas is someone we tend to define by his lows as opposed to his highs

So all I see people say is “Summer On Smash” is trash