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Topic subjectBenny’s cool. He isn’t my favorite in Griselda though.
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13431495, Benny’s cool. He isn’t my favorite in Griselda though.
Posted by allStah, Fri Apr-30-21 04:17 PM
That would be Conway. His latest shit I have on repeat and is the best album
of 2021 TO ME.

That shit is sickness. Like it’s real real hip hop. And it got beats!

Too many cats rhyming over shit with no beats ...I think that style has run
it’s course. Conway bringing boom bap back.

Big Ghost is killing the game right now....probably the best beat maker at this point.
That’s what I’ve been listening to the most.. almost all his projects. Beats are insane.
UFO FEV FT? Shittttt.
Not feeling Skyzoo. Don’t like his flow or sound. It’s not wack. Just doesn’t hit me.

I’m not up on EVERYTHING. But shit that I like I check for. I’m the type to listen to
the same album over and over like back in the day. So like I said ,I got Conway on
repeat until I’m ready to move on to something else.