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Topic subjectI am.
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13431335, I am.
Posted by allStah, Thu Apr-29-21 10:10 AM
I have fun without drinking and smoking. Growing up ,all we did was go
to house and hip hop parties. We had mad fun, and not a drug or drink was
needed. We were too busy dancing.

I’m an adrenaline freak. So I get high off motion. That’s my drug.
Sex, swimming, running, cycling, etc. I grew up around crack heads
and wine-os, but I was a park district kid, so I was more influenced
by activities. And in high school ,I was highly influenced by Islam, 5 percenters,
and Hebrew Nubians. Drugs and drinking were wack.

That’s my way of life. I don’t expect my partner to be that way, and
I don’t complain about it. I see more people complain about people not
drinking and smoking than the other way around.