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Topic subjectKanye out here WINNING hard.
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13431302, Kanye out here WINNING hard.
Posted by allStah, Wed Apr-28-21 10:24 PM

He recently created and paid for DMX’s memorial service,
which was held at the Barclays center

He had Balenciaga design a DMX commemoration T-shirt,
and all proceeds went to DMX’s family. The T-shirt sold out, raising
over 1 million dollars.

And The first pair of Yeezys worn by Kanye were auctioned for
2 million dollars.

Also, he was spotted playing basketball in the hood looking HAPPY.

Gap line dropping next month.

Kanye is back. ...In other news Kim is walking around in blonde wigs trying to get
dudes to thirst.

They tried to body-snatch my brother, but he survived! They tried to Mike and Prince
him, but the hip hop community said nope!