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13431197, Why?
Posted by double negative, Tue Apr-27-21 07:53 PM
traditional institutions of wealth building have been robbed.

education when viewed as a tool of guaranteed upward mobility has been in a game of cat and mouse. completing college wasnt seen as the only way to get ahead, then it became the only way to get ahead. minorities jumped in, then the stakes were raised and now the cost is not a few grand but your entire future. The structure of it all has kind of reveresed, before it was a question of what will happen to your future if you DO NOT go and now its a question of what will happen to your financial future if you DO go to college.

power and wealth were first protected using exclusionary practices but then it became hard not to rip off your own kind because the power to do so was intoxicating.

black america was the test kitchen but the meal was eventually served to the whole house.

the difference in it all is white people are still able to dip into the pool of generational wealth while Black Americans, regardless of economic standing are a sneeze away from having their position compromised.

I'm immediately surprised by the findings, but when I put on my hat of history, I am not surprised.

Fuck all of this shit.