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Topic subjectAgain, which street which state and WHEN
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13432527, Again, which street which state and WHEN
Posted by handle, Wed May-12-21 02:33 PM
Right now it seems like San Francisco is doing GREAT probably okay RIGHT now. But if the number goes up then the mask should go back on.

Michigan and Colorado? I'd wear a mask right now unless I was vaccinated (I am) but even then so - what's wrong with wearing the mask?

As of 5/11/2021 this is how many people in 100,00 have Covid in locations:
CA: 4 out of 100,000
Michigan: 27 out 100,000
Florida:17 out of 100,000
Pennsylvania:17 out of 100,000

Note: When its less than 1 out 100,000 then it would probably go away/dies off unless and super spreading event occurs - new variant, etc. So it might be really safe in California right now relative to Florida, but that can change. And when Florida numbers go down then mask needs do too.

I think California would be doing as badly as Florida if we used their same policies.

Covid DEATHS in California in the last 7 days:59
Covid deaths in Florida *yesterday*:132

Remember this:1 out of 10 people in the UNITED STATES has been diagnosed with Covid since it started. And the non-symptomatic ones were probably undercounted.

So two approaches are : Relax standards now "for economy and freedom" which is what Florida is doing.
Or take a slower approach, whcih is what California is doing.

If 80 people dying a day is greater than you having to wear a mask when outside, then you should move to Flroida I guess.