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Topic subjectWhen you're vaccinated, things change *for you.*
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13431226, When you're vaccinated, things change *for you.*
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Apr-28-21 09:59 AM
Sure, you may still have to wear a mask places, but you also know you are highly, highly unlikely to get sick and die of COVID. So you can go do outdoor dining at a restaurant, you can travel somewhere if need be, etc. You don't have to stay quarantined if you don't want. That's such a huge difference-- and a huge relief-- compared to before.

I agree that the optics of "keep wearing the mask after getting vaccinated" can make people who don't like masks feel a bit hopeless... but it's not for our benefit, it's for the benefit of others, and it's to (a) make them feel safe that you're not spreading the disease to them and (b) encourage them to keep wearing the mask until more people are vaccinated.

Once the vaccination rate is high enough, I imagine indoor restrictions and mask recommendations will go away. Some people will keep wearing masks, and that's okay, but hopefully we'll be at a place where more people will feel comfortable when they see an unmasked stranger.