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Topic subjectlol yeah - I’ve told it in a few places so I didn’t remember if
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13431196, lol yeah - I’ve told it in a few places so I didn’t remember if
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Apr-27-21 07:40 PM
I’d shared here yet. My dad saw a LOT of stuff in 30 years as a firefighter, and considering what he’s seen that is maybe the craziest thing I’ve heard. Stories of car accidents where cars were flipped over multiple times, but because people had in seatbelts they were fine, and stories of what you’d think would be a fender bender and they were thrown into (or out of) the windshield and died horribly, just because they didn’t have a seatbelt on. Stories of a passenger wearing one and the driver not wearing one (or vice versa) with a crazy difference in outcome.

Also, by the time seatbelts became a law in the 80’s (at least here in Michigan) they weren’t new at all - they’d been in cars a LONG time, and these firefighters had BEEN wearing them because they knew what would happen if they didn’t. But yet they stopped once it became law.