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Topic subjectBecuase being vaccinated does not STOP the disease
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13431190, Becuase being vaccinated does not STOP the disease
Posted by handle, Tue Apr-27-21 05:27 PM
It greatly reduces the number of infections - so if you are in a town with relatively low infection rates AND you are vaccinated then it's a small risk and probably okay.

Notice the CDC DIDN'T say you should stop wearing a mask indoors in a crowded situation??

That's because you can still get sick. (It seems that the vaccine may help limit how sick you get - and hopefully it won't be serious, but there's a chance it could be.)

What needs to happens if for 1)You get vaccinated 2)The rate of infection goes down where you live and 3)It stays down for a period of time AND THEN it's safe.

It's like any other disease.

And if the rate of infection goes UP in your city (or Country) it might need to

Seems the hard part for people to accept is step 3 - where you wait. And things could go the other way. India is going the other way right now.

We could (I pray not) get a variant that makes the vaccine MUCH LESS effective - if that happens we go back to being more restrictive.

But it's not going to be this month - or next.