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13431189, well said nm
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Apr-27-21 05:12 PM
>>But on the other hand, it can be disheartening because it's
>not much different than the current situation. Someone gets
>vaccinated and not much changes
>For me the change is, you don't have to worry about dying or
>living with potentially crippling side effects from covid.
>It's been a weight off my mind. That's much different. I feel
>free to travel, I feel free to do whatever, and more or less
>get back to normal, just w/a mask.
>I think the mask requirements for right now accomplish a few
>1. there's a slight chance a vaccinated person can spread it
>still (not a huge chance, but not zero) so cool, I'm not
>trying to spread it
>2. general mask mandates still allow for vaccine rollouts to
>kick in. not everyone is vaccinated yet. we're building up
>immunity, but we're not there. let's give those at the back of
>the line to get theirs too before everyone goes mask free
>3. It also keeps businesses from being put in the position of
>asking folks if they're vaccinated or not and selectively
>requiring folks to wear masks.