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13431187, RE: I see what you're saying
Posted by GOMEZ, Tue Apr-27-21 05:06 PM
>But on the other hand, it can be disheartening because it's not much different than the current situation. Someone gets vaccinated and not much changes

For me the change is, you don't have to worry about dying or living with potentially crippling side effects from covid. It's been a weight off my mind. That's much different. I feel free to travel, I feel free to do whatever, and more or less get back to normal, just w/a mask.

I think the mask requirements for right now accomplish a few things
1. there's a slight chance a vaccinated person can spread it still (not a huge chance, but not zero) so cool, I'm not trying to spread it
2. general mask mandates still allow for vaccine rollouts to kick in. not everyone is vaccinated yet. we're building up immunity, but we're not there. let's give those at the back of the line to get theirs too before everyone goes mask free
3. It also keeps businesses from being put in the position of asking folks if they're vaccinated or not and selectively requiring folks to wear masks.