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Topic subjectI hear you, but we are approaching the hygiene theater soon
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13431172, I hear you, but we are approaching the hygiene theater soon
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue Apr-27-21 03:24 PM
No one is getting covid from walking down the street and passing people on the street without a mask on.

When we didn't know anything about the virus, it made sense to be extra cautious. Now that we know more about the virus and know, for example, its not being passed by surface area contact, then we can lay off of doing things we were doing out of an abundance of caution.

Last summer the aholes were the people walking around with no masks on, but soon the aholes will be the people screaming at people on the street to put a mask on.

We live in extremes in this country and we got terrible people like Tucker Carlson advocating calling the police on parents who make their kids wear masks. I think we can push back on that without swinging to the other extreme.

I hate that this whole thing got politicized.

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