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Topic subjectI’m gonna keep my mask on me
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13430775, I’m gonna keep my mask on me
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Apr-22-21 06:08 PM
If I’m out for a walk and nobody is around I might take it down. I largely have to take it down cause my glasses fog up like fuckin crazy and I can’t see.

When I get proximate to folks I’ll keep it up.

I’ve done so much shit around NYC with a mask on and not felt like my freedom and liberty were at stake. If you think so, you’re the real snowflake.

That said, I am and stay in good shape, so I’m ready.

Like buddy said, I did t get sick this year at all— no sniffles no nothing— so I’m gonna keep on rockin it. Got some dope masks designs to add to my outfits.

When this all started I remember yelling at my mom that masks weren’t helpful after she kept bugging me about wearing one. She’s Thai so she been wearing one for no damn reason (or having one around) for years