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Topic subjectCaucasity Peaked: I paid $15,000 for this trip!!!
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13429171, Caucasity Peaked: I paid $15,000 for this trip!!!
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Apr-05-21 01:04 PM
Louisiana man refuses temp check and gets arrested at Disney..

then asked the authorities to take his temp bjt they said “nah, you will get your temp check at jail”

who the fuck travels thousands of miles, spends thousands of dollars just to see a jaip cell?


Tik Tokker tells her fans she has a housekeeper. Fan says she isnt relatable anymore. Tik Tokker says damn right I’m not relatable. I worked hard to get where I am. You think Oprah and Harriet Tubman were relatable?

she compares her life to Harriet Tubam.

No links cause I’m lazy right now. Trust these stories to be true.