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Topic subjectCaucasity Peaked: I paid $15,000 for this trip!!!
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13429171, Caucasity Peaked: I paid $15,000 for this trip!!!
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Apr-05-21 01:04 PM
Louisiana man refuses temp check and gets arrested at Disney..

then asked the authorities to take his temp bjt they said “nah, you will get your temp check at jail”

who the fuck travels thousands of miles, spends thousands of dollars just to see a jaip cell?


Tik Tokker tells her fans she has a housekeeper. Fan says she isnt relatable anymore. Tik Tokker says damn right I’m not relatable. I worked hard to get where I am. You think Oprah and Harriet Tubman were relatable?

she compares her life to Harriet Tubam.

No links cause I’m lazy right now. Trust these stories to be true.
13429174, Not only that - he's the same guy who cancelled his
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Apr-05-21 01:45 PM
employees' health insurance and kept on deducting premiums:


BR contractor behind on his bills said he spent $15k on vacation this year; see video of his Disney World arrest

ORLANDO- Body camera footage released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office shows Baton Rouge resident Kelly Sills' arrest in February after he didn't comply with COVID-19 guidelines at Disney World.

Sills was arrested for trespassing when he refused to pass through a temperature check at Disney Springs, according to arrest reports. Sills told officers he couldn't be trespassing because he paid $15,000 to be there.

"I spent $15,000," he said.

In the video, someone tells Sills, "All you had to do was get temperature-checked. That's it."

"I paid $15,000. You can't trespass me for paying $15,000," Sills said.

The exorbitant amount Sills allegedly spent to go to Disney World is raising questions because Sills is accused of not paying his bills in Baton Rouge.

Last month, we showed you Sills who is the owner of Coastal Bridge is in default on a number of projects in Louisiana. The WBRZ Investigative Unit found he was deducting health insurance out of employees paychecks, but when one man needed to have his leg amputated he discovered he had no health insurance.

"In November, I was riding on my motorcycle, and from what I was told I took a good spill," Nieves-Rivera said. "I ended up losing my leg, fracturing on my legs, ankles in and out of a coma.... medically flown to New Orleans."

After learning doctors could not save his leg, more devastating news came. Nieves-Rivera was told he had no health insurance.

"First, I was told Blue Cross Blue Shield would not pay the claim because my employer did not pay the premium," Nieves-Rivera said.

The WBRZ Investigative Unit obtained invoices from Nieves-Rivera's medical bills, which total hundreds of thousands of dollars. A pay stub he provided to the WBRZ Investigative Unit from around the time the crash occurred showed Coastal Bridge deducted his health insurance from his paycheck.

That money was never paid to Blue Cross, as Nieves-Rivera was told Coastal Bridge had not paid their health insurance.

In February, we exposed Coastal Bridge defaulted on a number of state projects and is accused of stiffing taxpayers to the tune of nearly $1 million.

The company invoiced DOTD for a State Police detail. It was responsible for paying State Police but did not.

Coastal Bridge was awarded the emergency repair contract to fix the Sunshine Bridge when a barge ran into it in 2018. Louisiana State Police had to work a 24/7 traffic detail on both sides of the bridge to prevent cars from going across.

Coastal Bridge sent DOTD three invoices totaling $880,860 for the LSP detail. DOTD said it paid Coastal Bridge for the work. Two years later, State Police confirmed to WBRZ those invoices were still outstanding.
13429176, This guy is a piece of work. I remember that bridge fiasco
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Apr-05-21 02:25 PM
but the health care shit is just..

dude is trash.
13429177, human trash
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Apr-05-21 02:35 PM
13429189, He'd have to be taken out
Posted by rdhull, Mon Apr-05-21 09:41 PM
13429191, Yeah - it makes the Disney thing worse. Like I could almost
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Apr-05-21 10:56 PM
see someone losing it in the moment (though a temperature check is pretty dumb argument to stand your ground on.) But the health insurance thing shows that he’s a calculated, pre-meditated asshole, and not only that, but is rich enough that the 15k wasn’t even notable. Which shows exactly WHY he didn’t care about blowing the 15k to make a stupid point.
13429192, ^^^dude's just an asshole, 24/7
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Apr-06-21 01:44 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13429264, i'm disappointed. i clicked thinking you were taking an epic trip
Posted by Damali, Wed Apr-07-21 10:47 AM
i was all happy for you too.

i hate u lol


"But rest assured, in my luxurious house built on the backs of people darker than me, I am sipping fine scotch and scoffing at how stupid you are." - bshelly
13429290, ha.. I would never stunt like that on here
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-07-21 11:58 AM