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Topic subjectJoe Biden's first press conference
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13428447, Joe Biden's first press conference
Posted by MEAT, Thu Mar-25-21 01:23 PM
I want to focus on the content, and I am, but I'm struggling to get past how old he appears to be.

Yes he's old, but he's visibly older now.


13428448, He's also a very very good politician
Posted by MEAT, Thu Mar-25-21 01:29 PM
13428461, Agree on both your points. It's almost jarring how much different he looks.
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-25-21 02:50 PM
Compared w/what he looked like when he left the VP role in 2016.

I mean I guess it stands to reason; anyone I've ever known from 74-78 aged pretty drastically as well. At least most people. But still. He's prez. These other people I'm talking about are elder relatives and shit.
13428475, lmao.. he will be skelator by the end of his first term
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Mar-25-21 03:18 PM
stil dope to finally reach the mountaintop at 78 or whatever age he is..

gotdamn we really need to snatch this country from these old white men.
13428478, And he talked extensively about running again in 2024 !
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-25-21 03:22 PM
Holy shit.

Yea, we definitely do. But I think god for people like him and Bernie this time around at least. Old as they are at least they saved us from the American Nazi Party this time. Not sure any of the other, younger candidates could've pulled it off.
13428487, He pretty much has to say he's running again, whether he does or
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Mar-25-21 03:47 PM
not. Because if he isn't running he'll be positioned as being a lame duck president who's policy wishes can completely be ignored.
13428506, Fair point.
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-25-21 06:39 PM
13428512, New Yoork Post says Bidne is confused, Fox News says he's absentee
Posted by handle, Thu Mar-25-21 07:48 PM
Fuck right wing media.

13428519, Was at the gym and saw Fox on one of the TVs:
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-25-21 08:25 PM

Did not see "... CAUSED BY TRUMP & REPUBLICANS" but maybe the chyron writer ran out of room.
13429449, Now the man is having a press conference against guns
Posted by MEAT, Thu Apr-08-21 11:22 AM