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Topic subjectDon't forget Cappa Don Don
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13428125, Don't forget Cappa Don Don
Posted by Beamer6178, Mon Mar-22-21 09:55 AM
>1. First of all, Ghostface coming back from intermission
>rocking the fur coat and the blue and cream Wallies and then
>going into "Holla" is a Top 10 moment in hip-hop history.
>2. Them performing the Freek N' You remix, ESPECIALLY them
>singing Jodeci's parts word for word.
>3. Ghostface revealing that he wrote Nutmeg in Africa with no
>beat behind it.
>4. Rae and Ghost talking about the recording process for
>OB4CL, even when Rae was being cagey because he apparently has
>a book coming out about it.
>5. Rae talking about meeting Mayweather and hanging with Zab
>Judah at the video shoot for "100 Rounds." Actually, when they
>talked boxing, it was great.
>6. Ghostface being ready to stop the battle at like song #7
>and just spend the rest of the talking chopping it up with
>7. Drunken appearances by RZA and Deck, along with Masta Killa
>coming through for Glaciers of Ice.
>8. Both of them singing and dancing to disco tracks after the
>"battle" was over. Huge drunk uncle energy.