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13424762, Some truths
Posted by handle, Sun Feb-21-21 03:07 PM
NO ONE who knows ANYTHING about the Mac ever said "Mac's can not get malware or viruses and you're 100% safe at all times."

What is true "Macs are targeted 1000s of times LESS with Malware and Macs have some built-in security measure that may help limit the severity of some common malware."

So yes, EVERYTIME a malware targets a Mac someone posts a similar thing "Mac users are smug, but look you ain't shit!! Hahaha you're exactly the same as everyone else - and we suck - so now you suck too - but you suck more because I thought you were smug."

No one says mac are INVULENARBLE. They just aren't targeted AS MUCH.

Same with the iPhone - we know the Pegasus spyware has been used to target political dissidents and journalism in Saudi Arabia and China - it's just not very common so it's not really a problem the average user will ever have.

More about virus/spyware/malware/adware on the mac:

If Macs started to outsell Windows the malware targeting would shift to the Mac.

All computers can be hacked - ALL of them.

Note: I am NOT a Mac user. I do own a PowerMac G4 that's in storage.