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Posted by Geah, Wed Feb-17-21 12:14 AM
13424544, not trying to be a sample snitch but um do yall hear it?
Posted by mista k5, Thu Feb-18-21 05:25 PM

is that not the funky rhythm that monkey flip 'em?

i mean the credited sample is definitely what was used but they sound pretty similar right?

the whole album is sample worthy to be honest.
13424545, oi
Posted by PG, Thu Feb-18-21 05:39 PM
that track is dope.... what's the song you feel sampled it tho I'm not catching your references (not NY state of mind right?)
13424546, its not NOT the one you think lol
Posted by mista k5, Thu Feb-18-21 05:45 PM
but it wouldnt be sampled, it would be an interpolation. like i said, it used the cleared sample but when i was listening to the track i kept thinking ive heard this before, at least the rhythm but i thought as a sample. didnt find anything that sampled it so had to think for a bit then it hit me. listened to that nasty track and was like its not sampled but it is definitely what i was hearing.