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Topic subjectDrives Through BLM Crowd, Judge Says "You're Good"
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13419760, Drives Through BLM Crowd, Judge Says "You're Good"
Posted by KingMonte, Sun Jan-10-21 04:23 AM
The Justice System May As Well Have Stormed the Capitol


I don't see this any different from letting all those DC traitors go. If they're doing it right, the entire "Justice System" should have some 'splaining to do on this one.

... the same week Jacob Blake's shooter gets off?
13419876, RE: Drives Through BLM Crowd, Judge Says "You're Good"
Posted by blueeclipse, Mon Jan-11-21 10:04 AM
The fact that no one even seems to want to discuss this just shows the exhaustion with this shit.
13419917, Yep. Even the juxtaposition of last week vs. the BLM protests.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jan-11-21 12:50 PM
And more specifically the law enforcement "response" to each. It's just ... if it isn't clear to you now, then you're either a nazi or literally among the dumbest motherfuckers ever to walk earth.
13419918, wiped it from his record
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jan-11-21 12:52 PM
I will never visit Iowa and some of those other midwestern states. I feel more comfortable down south than in the midwest which is odd.