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Topic subjecta paradigm shift implies change...what changed?
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13419877, a paradigm shift implies change...what changed?
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jan-11-21 10:09 AM
You made this post on Saturday...what change did we see on Sat?

The change that we will see...is harsher penalties
Bans on demonstrations in DC
Mandatory sentences

...and we know who will bear the brunt of those harsher penalties...

Unless the D party goes full red scare 2.0 and holds every single entity accountable for this attempted coup...

...it's just going to be the same bull$hit =/= paradigm shift

That's my point.

Every time Rs cross the rubicon...we just get shrugs from the D party...

this is a chance for a paradigm shift...but the D party has been completely ineffective at combatting any grievances from the other side of the isle

I truly hope there is change to come...but that has not happened yet

and centrist Joe isn't exactly the person I expect to instill the necessary change.