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Topic subjectRE: So are both parties the same or nah?
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13419768, RE: So are both parties the same or nah?
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Jan-10-21 11:07 AM
>Asking for a friend

I’m not sure what we are trying to get to here. They clearly aren’t ‘the same’. There IS some frenemy energy going with them though.

What I see: as far as presidential elections, Bush won the popular vote in 1988. His kid won it after 9/11 in 2004 cuz war, evil foreigners, and stuff. Besides that, the last 30 years of elections has all been Dems winning the popular vote by varying but generally large amounts. Millions...and millions. So, to me, there’s a small majority of voting people who think the Dems are the ‘better’ party of folks. Or at least they have the most likeable lies. And this has been the case for most of 30 years. Thirty.

Why then is it that Dems have a reputation for being weak when it comes to ‘sticking it to the crazies’? Aka the far right folks. The sneaking around still being racist folks. The can’t even pretend they don’t view things from a racist perspective folks. A black person dies, let’s read the law book or look at their priors for an ‘excuse’ to make the punishment for the crimes. A white person goes through ANY inconvenience of any kind, commits a crime as a reaction and might not even get a scratch on them that they didn’t give themselves. In that case, let’s talk about feelings when a dude shoots up a church. Or hey, maybe they feel left out cuz gay folks can get married in some places now. And that 2 years they went to church as a kid told them that wasn’t right. Or they got gassed up in some corner of the internet and came out into the real world and did something. What about their feelings!?

But wait, there’s more...

There’s the storm the capitol then talk shit about it folks. The folks who didn’t go to the capitol but totally sympathize with THOSE folks while skipping to their lous and not giving any fucks when the cops or some civilian kills some black person somewhere again and folks have to act a fool to get a real investigation/arrest.

Some Americans can hit the streets after they don’t get their way in an election but others should hush and fall back when the police casually kills a person on camera and other police and politicians don’t have nearly enough harsh words or Swift actions afterwards. Give them coloreds some money and see if they’ll buy PlayStations and Yeezies with it and go away. Pay for some future education stuff and hope that the black college admins are just like the white college admins...yes, let’s hope they basically steal the money or spend it on hiring celebrity sports figures as coaches.

So, all of this to say this: if the Democrips are the good guys and the rebloodicans are the black/red hat evil folks, how come the reds aren’t dead yet? Are they dying out and we’re living in their last gasp efforts to get more generations of their run? Are the Dems to blame for not banding together long enough to get rid of them for good? Is that even a goal of the Dems? Or are some of them too good a friends with some of those folks?

Maybe that’s it..folks equate the parties because neither one of them is doing enough to totally get rid of the other in most people’s eyes? They’re doing a worked/wrestling-style tug of war but no one is really pulling hard enough for long enough to make one team fall and drop their rope..you know..how tug of wars end in movies? Is that it?