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Topic subjectNah....definitely different. But Dems don't punish white supremacy
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13419756, Nah....definitely different. But Dems don't punish white supremacy
Posted by EAS, Sun Jan-10-21 01:29 AM
Why is that? We are at this point for a reason. Who and where are these good white people who are willing to stand up and die for this. Die for Black rights and true Black freedom.....not no trickle down 'one day.....maybe' effect. Die for climate change. Die fighting against capitalist greed.

The Black and minority vote showed the fuck out. There is no denying this; saving the day. Trumpsters/Qanon know it and are willing to die fighting in mass numbers to keep suppression and shit the same. Are there enough Dems/liberals to match those numbers? Are they bold enough to clap back, stand solid, and not back down?

Whenever there is Black progress, white people turn up....the 'good' white people overall back down and then we have 100 years white domestic terrorism and suppressive laws. Think of how progressive Reconstruction was...then the Union troops pulling out leading to Jim Crow, terrorism, etc. It got so bad that Blacks had to flee to the North where they were met with racism as well. Not kill you on sight racism but racism nonetheless. Economic and environmental racism, etc....with killings here and there but not as obvious as in the South.

No the parties are not the same, but there is racism on both sides. Black people cannot get things 'specifically' for them as a group that would economically benefit them. The fact that anything potentially beneficial has to be coded as 'minority' for fear of offending or alienating is a sign. Gentrification in Democratic run cities is a sign. The inability to truly punish these MAGA lovin' police unions in Democratic run cities.....also a sign.

Punishing extreme racism could lead to punishing subtle racism (Democratic/liberal.....Blackface anyone?) and they can't have that. White supremacy no matter how large or small will never truly punish itself. It goes against the fabric of this country. Watch the Dems fail in the upcoming weeks/months to do anything about the attempted coup. The signs are all there.

And when shit truly pops off, who is going to defend the people who went all out and saved this country from itself by voting? It's the period after Reconstruction all over again. The white 'allies' fall back and let them have at it with 'us' just to keep 'them' happy, thus the Union/U.S.A. remains in tact, and white supremacy remains on top. And Blacks will just learn to deal with it and accept it just like before. Hell, will probably even blame ourselves for the situation(s) we find ourselves in again.