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Topic subjectone party wants to stop black people from voting.
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13419699, one party wants to stop black people from voting.
Posted by Reeq, Sat Jan-09-21 03:29 PM
one party is systematically reversing the civil rights protections enacted in the last 50 years.

one party enacts gun laws that make it legally excusable for white people to kill black people if they pretend to be scared enough.

one party vehemently supported ripping nonwhite children for their parents and shipping them across the country or to another altogether.

one party said the 1st black president isnt american and his wife is a monkey.

one party is not only cool with schoolkids being massacred...they actively make the weapons used for the massacres more accessible.

one party supported a coup against the same government they work for.

one party calls white supremacists and domestic terrorists 'patriots'.

or just a lil more smelly or however you put it i guess.