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Topic subjectI'm in the "both are true" camp.
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13415159, I'm in the "both are true" camp.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Dec-02-20 12:05 PM
>White women are so dangerous with their tears... I'm gonna
>be a wet sock and say that this is less funny than it is

I'm not a Black man, so I'm nowhere near as prone to be a victim of those tears, to that high a degree. I've had to deal with it, but not to that extent.

People like this are everywhere, and they do impose themselves on others in a detrimental way.

However, in the micro? These are hysterical, in that vacuum. Particularly the girl in the MAGA shirt, because we saw all the act itself, and her tears are a result of the consequences of that act.

They're terrifing, but them having to deal with some measure of consequence is always satisfying IMO.