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Topic subjectCovid20? This cluster 5 shit is...I'm worried/not worried.
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13414297, Covid20? This cluster 5 shit is...I'm worried/not worried.
Posted by double negative, Thu Nov-19-20 01:58 PM
covid is zoonotic (pathogen transferring from animal to human), no news here.

So summary is this:

a few months back, in Denmark they found a mutated strain of SARS-CoV-2 in a mink variant. 9 people were infected, 9 people lived and all was well. But, the interesting thing is that this mutation is unlikely to respond to body of vaccines currently in development. Hmm Interesting.

In response Denmark is culling their mink population to mitigate risk of infection. How many minks are being destroyed? 17 million.


So, while all of that is happening, mink farmers here in the US are noticing very high numbers of death among their captive mink population. Well thats just weird.

Then yesterday 11/18 the story that 7 other countries with infected mink populations are going through a similar thing.

So now the US is about to cull it's mink population as well.

Fauci: "Don't worry, the mutation should respond to the mutation"

I'm not worried, but I am watching this shit.

To be fair, the mutation to worry about is spike mutation D614G mutation

and so far, they think the mink mutation is not dangerous (yet), but still, we're about to kill MEEL-YUNS and MEEL_YUNS of minks.