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Topic subjectthey are awful now and were awful then
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13450293, they are awful now and were awful then
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Dec-17-21 01:48 PM
They were awful during Obama too. They got curb stomped under him.

Obama and his campaign were excellent at winning Obama elections, nothing else.

Half the reason we are in this mess is because the Obama admin failed to deliver and create a generation of loyal democrats. A once-in-a-generation or more candidate was given super majorities and a crumbling opposition party and fucked it up within a year.

They COULD have been the party of the future, but democratted shit up.

He'll tell you himself they fucked up selling ACA.

And that was a Republican healthcare plan. LOL Every time I hear/see a Democrat apologist bitch about the Senate mix, I die inside. There are just never enough Democrats in the Senate to do actual Democrat shit. Crazy how that works.

You care more about Democrats than they care about you my man.