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Topic subjectbtw the biggest problem is the dem strategist/consultant class.
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13450258, btw the biggest problem is the dem strategist/consultant class.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 07:54 AM
clearly liberal academics are shitty at relaying things to people at the street level. anyone who used to watch those black state of the union forums with people like cornel west, tavis smiley, etc would tell you its an obvious issue on the black side as well.

even that pic you posted. you know some jack and jill ass black consultant told them thats what they should do. the knee *and* kente cloth combo would be powerful (like the kente cloth wasnt already a meme on social media for a reason).

not only does it show how out of touch the strategists are...there still isnt any real calculation to what theyre doing. like...even if youre gonna go all in on performative shit like that...and you really only care about how everything *looks*...wouldnt you at least make the kneelers overwhelmingly black (like mostly cbc members) with white members sprinkled in...so it at least looks like pelosi, etc are being *led* by black people in this gesture...instead of looking like a bunch of white people just pandering to black voters?