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Topic subjectits baffling how unprepared dems are for these types of questions/answers.
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13450256, its baffling how unprepared dems are for these types of questions/answers.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 07:40 AM
they still havent figured out that a non-answer or otherwise vague answer that doesnt generate negative headlines...is better than an off the cuff answer that sounds like shit and gives people ample opportunity to attack you.

theres a reason why mcconnell gives bland ass answers to the press like 'itll be interesting to see where things go' or 'we are certainly taking a look at it', etc. theres a reason why repubs go radio silent when something negative to them happens...then they go huddle in a room for a while and all come out with the same exact messaging.

like 90% of the gop attack strategy now is just taking dem impromptu quotes and using them to anger conservatives, anger the dem base against the dem, etc.

its like dems dont know how the information flow in 2021 works (they obviously dont because they dont return fire on repubs with the same exact tactics). they still think its the 1990s and you just do stuff throughout the year...and then during election time...everyone is gonna tune in to the news and hear you make your case and choose the best candidate. they still dont realize (like repubs clearly do) that public perception is shaped 24/7 and you gotta wake up every single day and land/dodge hits on/from your opponent and push people toward your side of an ongoing persistent narrative.

dems went from the party of the future when obama got elected...to the party that has to ask its grandkids to program the vcr.