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Topic subjectI honestly think I'm done with Dems
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13450177, I honestly think I'm done with Dems
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Dec-16-21 02:46 PM
Anyone who has interacted with me knows I think Dems are a combination of incompetent/ out of touch/ corrupt/ etc.

But I still played ball. I still donated. Still volunteered. Still defended them. Still tried to focus on the bright side.

I'm not on some 3rd party shit because that is a losing battle.

I'm not on some "both parties are the same" shit either, because that isn't true.


They aren't AS different as some want to tell themselves.

On the stuff that matters-

very little significant to absolutely nothing on:

- voting rights
- addressing Jan 6th (either through expelling members of congress or structural changes)
- climate
- guns
- immigration/dreamers/ remain in Mexico
- supreme court
- making Roe law of the land
- etc etc

They are fucking up this pandemic. Spiked the ball with vaccines and gave mixed/fucked messages. Failed to do enough to help vaccinate the world. Refused to waive patents. Now variants will set us back a year at least. Fucking Trump gave more financial pandemic relief.

Fucked up the honeymoon phase and passed nothing significant. Held off on BBB until after withdrawing from a war.

Approval sinking with independents, youth, etc.

Meanwhile the military budget flew through without any type of debate. This ya'll party?

And on top of all the shit they have failed to address, they are fucking awful at this. The optics are shit.

Nancy has gone full Arrested Development Lucille Bluth. Officiating Billionaire weddings draped in gold. Getting her hair blown in the middle of shutdowns. Yelling "free market" at a stock trading question.

Jesus christ, what could a banana cost, 10 dollars?

Biden is MIA on selling BBB. Kamala can't have a public appearance without saying some stupid shit.

White house is laughing at the idea of sending COVID tests.

Other Dems have had everything from lavish wine parties to high priced fund raisers etc.

Progressives folded on pairing BBB with inf, and now that is probably dead. And I'm not impressed with St Bernard's tweets or Liz's media appearances bitching about it.

Fucking do something! Crazy how Manchin can hold up the entire party, but the "progressive" senators can't.

They are fucking elitist and will be strictly the party of college campuses and tech start ups within a couple years. Shit, they are already.

If they actually gave a shit about Black people, women, working class, unions, etc and delivered? And were half-decent at politics? They would run the table- even in our fucked up system.

All the shit that people worked for- specifically the past couple years- its maddening.

And they will do it again. They'll get curb stomped in a year. They'll raise a bunch of money in the process off scare tactics...and then even more after the fact.

Its not just Manchin or Sinema. Manchin is the villain on BBB, Sinema will play it on voting rights. They party is not what it could/should be because of ego, money, etc.

The consistently choose business, donors, contractors, banks (word to Obama) etc over the people they claim to care about.

Again, the pandemic is still raging and about to get worse. Voting rights gutted. Mass shootings almost every day. Wealthy still pay less taxes than you and me. Climate crumbling. Military cashing checks. Nothing on Roe. Nothing for dreamers. Tax rates still unfair. On and on and on.

But hey its a free market economy!! Yeah!

bUt BuT tHe GoP iS WOrsE

I'm fucking tired of fighting for them. They are not worth it.