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Topic subjectoptics are a factor unfortunately
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13450174, optics are a factor unfortunately
Posted by infin8, Thu Dec-16-21 02:10 PM

I was tasked with obtaining specs/pricing on some air purifiers that will be placed in some of our offices where there's interaction with the public.

I talked to our Safety and Compliance Officer and he had a FIT:

"...that's never going to work, those things don't filter enough air per sq. ft./per person...yadda yadda..."

he's not wrong, but we're still going to order them because we can't get all the Head Clerks to come back to work unless it LOOKS LIKE it's safe and it LOOKS like we're doing something about it.


"It's very spaced" "It's safe" "We're doing everything we can for you"

I'm not surprised at all.