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Topic subjectRE: The Republicans are villians
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13413997, RE: The Republicans are villians
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Nov-17-20 01:03 AM
>This doesn’t make the Democratic Party the good guys. But
>the Republicans are overwhelmingly the bad guys
>The reason the first package did so much for big business and
>not the people ... Republicans
>The reason the last package isn’t moving, Republicans
>haven’t put their bill up for a vote and won’t take the
>House one up either.
>None of this makes the Democratic Party the good guys. But you
>can’t compare plans if the other side refuses to even put up

This is generally where I stand. And the cesspool of websites, podcasts, channels and now apps devoted to the reds is impressively terrible. And there's a strong belief in what they're selling: the least oppressed group of assclowns in history swear they aren't getting a fair shake because now instead of things being totally rigged in their favor, things are only somewhat rigged but occasionally someone else gets a turn for a bit sometimes. Oh and the media teases them and their rich/powerful pawpaw sometimes for being casually terrible.

And you're very right: poo pooing an offer doesn't work if you don't have a counter offer.