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Topic subjectRE: Nancy Pelosi with the mother of all "Hold My Beer" moments
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13413861, RE: Nancy Pelosi with the mother of all "Hold My Beer" moments
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Nov-16-20 08:43 AM
>Madam Speaker, there's a pandemic raging uncontrollably,
>people are hurting financially, your messaging as leadership
>needs to be hold on, be safe, we're doing everything we can
>for you.
>Nancy Pelosi:
>House Dem and GOP leaders are holding respective dinners for
>new members.
> told me it’s safe. “It’s very spaced,” she said and
>there is enhanced ventilation and the Capitol physician signed

As long as people here think there’s simply white hat heroes and black hat villains in politics, there’s gonna be a lot of shenanigans. There’s entirely too many stories of people doing things like this. If I was working as a blue and constantly sticking it the reds and Dee Tee, I’d run my shit tight af.

I’d like to take some time to read THE WHOLE proposed stimulus packages. I worry that both parties are guilty of trying to sneak shit in instead of just saying ‘broke folks who have been screwed by covid, here’s some money. Almost broke folks, here’s some money too. Businesses, check this out. If you just bought a PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone, or big ass tv, you good’. I could be wrong but with these folks, who knows.