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Topic subjectOkay, I guess your being obtuse
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13413851, Okay, I guess your being obtuse
Posted by handle, Sun Nov-15-20 10:35 PM
>to do the name calling, tough talk diatribes...so, that’s
>whatever. No where did you see me mention any political
>party. Like I don’t even know where that line about
>republicans and good faith, came from. Take it easy, though.

The original portion of the this post is that Nancy Pelosi and the democrats are holding a welcome party for incoming members of congress, and that it is bad.

See the level of stupid outrage the first line is:
>>>Madam Speaker, there's a pandemic raging uncontrollably, people are hurting financially, your messaging as leadership needs to be hold on, be safe, we're doing everything we can for you.

First, we don't know what effort are being taken to keep it safe. Certainly there are millions of people working in close quarters still but it immediately critisizies Nancy Pelosi for it.

If the sports teams are important enough to take risks like this then so is congress. But not in the way The Republicans have been doing it - look at their example: Party, get it, then tell people to be happy that they lived. (And simply never mention those how die ever again.)

We'd ALL be able to have get together if a national effort was put into place to control the outbreak and provide rapid testing for a large number of people to happen repeatedly.

Maybe they're doing that? We don't know from 1 tweet that sparked your "HOLD MY BEER" moment of righteous outrage.

For the record: I'd forgo this party if I was in charge - but I am differently much more in favor of a lockdown than ANYONE in congress is. But the DO have to caucus together and they are working inside a building together.

Then THIS ASSHOLE posts this in post 11:(Hey that's YOYU!!!)

>fucking around for moths and months on a stimulus, as folks are >choosing between rent and groceries. Instead of swallowing their >grudges and pride and working to get something done for the people of >the country...this is the type of stupid shit they focus on.

I assume you mean the Democracts are fucking around on a stimulus while other people are hurting and then they want to throw a party instead. So if they looked to their right computer screen they'd see a way to get stimulus out, and if they look at their left computer monitor they'd see their E-vite to a bitch party - and that they are turning their heads left.

Was I wrong? Are you suggesting the media swallow the grudges and pride? What the FUCK are you talking about???

The DEMOCRATIC LEAD house PASSED 2 stimulus bills after the first one - each NOT filled with insane unrelated shit. And REPUBLICANs REJKECTED for political purposes and cravenness.

So have a fucking get together for new members of congress in their party ISN'T STOPPING THEM FORM DOING SHIT - it's LITERALLY all dependent on the Republicans.

But you posting here like so low level bar comedian deserves sincere scorn.

Stay well.