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Topic subjectThis is correct and important.
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13413841, This is correct and important.
Posted by Brew, Sun Nov-15-20 04:06 PM
All the incompetency in government is directly and solely due to repugnantcans' disinterest in governance. The repugs exist only to derail anything democrats want and/or try to do. They serve no other purpose, certainly no purpose that benefits The People in any way.

>>fucking around for moths and months on a stimulus, as folks
>>are choosing between rent and groceries. Instead of
>>swallowing their grudges and pride and working to get
>>something done for the people of the country...this is the
>>type of stupid shit they focus on.
>Go fuck yourself if you ACTUALLY believe Pelosi isn't doing
>her job.
>Republicans only signed onto the first.
>if you think that Republicans are doing ANYTHING in good
>faith, we'll after you've fucked yourself do it again, this
>time sideways.
>Oct 2: The Democrats in the house pass a 2.2 TRILLION dollar
>bill. Republicans don't take up in Senate.
>May 15th: The Democrats in the house pass a 3 TRILLION dollar
>In JANUARY it was introduced and signed into law of March
>27th: The Democrats in the house pass a 2.2 TRILLION dollar
>bill. Republicans sign on and the president signs it.
>Nancy Pelosi having a dinner for incoming congress people is
>not what's stopping another stimulus bill - it's simply The