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Topic subjectYou did it. Y'ALL DID IT. I love you
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13412892, You did it. Y'ALL DID IT. I love you
Posted by Bambino Grande, Sun Nov-08-20 03:33 AM

Honestly. THANK YOU

13412913, Much love. The youth/black organizers really showed out this cycle.
Posted by Brotha Sun, Sun Nov-08-20 10:48 AM
Beautiful to experience.
13413223, Bigtime! It was funny to see how fast Eva Longoria was shut down
Posted by Bambino Grande, Tue Nov-10-20 09:38 AM

for shouting out all the latino women carrying this election lmao


13413235, LOL that backpeddle was amazing
Posted by Brotha Sun, Tue Nov-10-20 10:31 AM
"I meant that latino women were the heroes for voting blue more than latino men!"

mmhmm. Alright.
13413224, What country do you vote in?
Posted by MEAT, Tue Nov-10-20 09:40 AM