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Topic subjectafter reading 'The Color of Money', I did my DD and feel conflicted.
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13423508, after reading 'The Color of Money', I did my DD and feel conflicted.
Posted by double negative, Wed Feb-10-21 12:23 PM
please please read Mehrsa Baradaran's book, 'The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap'

it really made me realize what true autonomy and freedom means in this country.

I tried to dig into things as much as I could with the bank and I'm not sure if I'm fully on board. What I mean is...it seems to be more about symbolic empowerment and less about actual empowerment. Now, that dive was done several months ago and I cannot recall the exact point by point that brought me to the conclusion - but I recall the general sense that it seems like a good idea but its not offering critical infrastructure in areas of wealth building like homeloans, financing, financial products, competitive saving rates, ...although the 10k to one small business a month is excellent. I could see the power of the bank growing if it were to scale and a network effect were to take place...but as it stands, "eh."

That said, in the end, I support the bank because black banks are DYING.