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Topic subjectDowngrading your lifestyle
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13404312, Downgrading your lifestyle
Posted by AFRICAN, Sun Sep-20-20 04:01 PM
You ever done this?
An acquaintance recently explained how he went from vacationing on private islands to taking public transportation ( or what passes for that here).
I’m nowhere near that level and I grew up ingrained with a genuine fear of flexing your wealth (although we had none) BUT, that’s a nightmare scenario for me.
Starting over from scratch after you and yours have become accustomed to the trappings of your lifestyle.
13404315, exactly 3 times in my life
Posted by tomjohn29, Sun Sep-20-20 07:19 PM
After college I had to downgrade
I was on a full ride with no bills and spent 7 years at the same the same school (undergrad thru PHD)

Second time after I got layed off back in 08
Had to sell alot of stuff and move
went from a 4500 sq ft house to a 600 sq ft place

Third time...kids
13404325, No. I just got money
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Sep-21-20 08:17 AM
We are in upgrade mode right now.

Loved a downgraded lifestyle most of my life.

13404327, Lived*.... I damn sure didn’t love it.
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Sep-21-20 08:54 AM
but one thing I dream of is working in Uptown so I can take public transportation.

But then I think about if my kids had an emergency at school or got sick and the extra time it would take to get an Uber or a bus to my car so I can get to them and the idea doesn’t seem like a good idea.

13404326, I've always lived a practical lifestyle....
Posted by CherNic, Mon Sep-21-20 08:22 AM
public transpo is a downgrade lol. what a mindset.
13404445, LOL man
Posted by Brotha Sun, Tue Sep-22-20 10:12 AM
13404465, you know? you hate to see it...
Posted by Damali, Tue Sep-22-20 11:20 AM

13404442, Being flat broke and having to move in with the parents...
Posted by flipnile, Tue Sep-22-20 10:04 AM
...several times. Last time was in my early 30s.

I've learned to appreciate simply having steady finances, a nice place to live, food on my shelves and bills paid.

Never really had a chance to live any kind of 'baller' life, since I didn't truly have steady employment until my mid-30s.
13404444, i wouldnt feel bad
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Sep-22-20 10:11 AM

>Never really had a chance to live any kind of 'baller' life,
>since I didn't truly have steady employment until my mid-30s.

a lot of folks faked it through their 20s and are paying for it now. you can still get some baller years in.
13404447, After growing up with cluttered parents
Posted by Mori, Tue Sep-22-20 10:19 AM
I never wanted to accumulate much. My families' had huge homes, large plots of land and soooo much useless junk.

When they all died, we had to throw everything in a giant dumpster. I have never had a desire to live in a big house, drive a big car or accumulate stuff. I enjoy traveling to nice places and nice accommodations. I prefer to use my money for unique things, experiences and opportunities.

I have a few wealthy friends and they do not have lots of stuff. But they can access what they need / want whenever they want or need to.

Money isn't really about flossing but more about security and peace of mind.
13404469, We don’t have a large home but we have a 2 car garage
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Sep-22-20 11:34 AM
and my wife doesn’t like to throw things away or donate. She wanted to have a big garage sale for all the baby stuff we have...but then covid happened.

and we were finally about to get out of the country for some vacation and memories... then covid happened

So now we are fixing the house up since we spend so much time in it.. cause covid happened.

13404520, Facts
Posted by sectachrome86, Tue Sep-22-20 03:52 PM
>Money isn't really about flossing but more about security and
>peace of mind.

I bought a new car recently and didn't want to finance it. I temporarily used the cash from my emergency fund to purchase it until I could sell my current car and put the proceeds from that back in savings. Its put a little bit of a damper on the new car because not having that security is anxiety inducing.

True financial independence must be an incredible feeling.
13404449, ive only had tastes of stress free living
Posted by mista k5, Tue Sep-22-20 10:22 AM
not really ever extravagant living. throwing money away at vinyl has been my biggest life splurge.

i could definitely be in a worse position. need to focus more so i can wether any downtimes that could happen.