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Topic subject"Fair to meddling" is a Black phrase right?
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13404036, "Fair to meddling" is a Black phrase right?
Posted by imcvspl, Fri Sep-18-20 11:53 AM
I heard it all the time growing up from aunts and grands. I know some of the southern slang is shared so want to be sure.

Regardless I think it may be the GOAT backhanded reply of all time. Mainly because you can say it and people will assume it's fine.

Big PEMFin H & z's
"I ain't no entertainer, and ain't trying to be one. I am 1 thing, a musician." � Miles

"When the music stops he falls back in the abyss."
13404037, Born & raised in North Carolina. I'm 43. Never heard that my entire life.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Fri Sep-18-20 11:55 AM
13404040, My old man used that phrase all the time...
Posted by Marbles, Fri Sep-18-20 12:01 PM

He was born & raised in Savannah but they raised me in the midwest. I can tell you I never heard any white folks say it in Ohio.

I can't say for sure but I would think if any white folks used it, they would be in the south.

13404042, Is this a play on "fair to middling?"
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Sep-18-20 12:09 PM
Because I've never heard "fair to meddling" in real life and can't think of a context in which it makes sense unless it is like "waiting on baby's breath"

And if it is fair to middling, no it is not a Black phrase
13404044, yeah I've only ever heard "middling"
Posted by shamus, Fri Sep-18-20 12:12 PM
and it's a common enough phrase wherever


fair to middling idiom

Definition of fair to middling
: just average : not especially good
The food was fair to middling.
13404043, I’ve been down south half my life and never heard this before
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Sep-18-20 12:12 PM
what does it mean?
13404047, Huh based on replies I think I redefined it. Lol.
Posted by imcvspl, Fri Sep-18-20 12:19 PM
I was hearing middling as meddling and translating as: "Fair to people meddling in my business."

Basically stop being nosy.

Big PEMFin H & z's
"I ain't no entertainer, and ain't trying to be one. I am 1 thing, a musician." � Miles

"When the music stops he falls back in the abyss."
13404089, LMAO thanks for this
Posted by napturalmystic, Fri Sep-18-20 02:56 PM
I figured it was a "double barrows" moment but what you though it meant is hilarious!!!
13404056, isn't the phrase fair to middling?
Posted by shygurl, Fri Sep-18-20 12:34 PM
To indicate the person is doing so-so, average, alright? My (black) Brooklyn born and raised stepmother uses it all the time, but I think she got it from moving to Atlanta.
13404063, I’m from San Diego, the only person I’ve heard use it is a tribal elder
Posted by calij81, Fri Sep-18-20 12:48 PM
Who was a coworker of mine on the reservation.

He would always use it when people asked how he was doing. In fact, he used it so often that if you asked a mutual friend or one of his relatives how he was doing, that was their response.
13404070, I love SD
Posted by Airbreed, Fri Sep-18-20 01:28 PM
I lived in the gaslamp quarter for a year and loved every minute of it. I visted about two years ago with my lady and it was her first time. Now we're talking about going back again permanently.

Even though, after out last visit, homelessness has gotten shockingly worse out there.

its still a beautiful city tho.
13404200, I visited once and was ready to move immediately
Posted by CherNic, Fri Sep-18-20 09:52 PM
One of my favorite trips and I probably only saw a quarter of the city
13404069, Fair to middling is actually a British phrase
Posted by bigkarma, Fri Sep-18-20 01:25 PM
Farm goods were graded by good, fair, middling, and poor. So "fair to middling" meant mediocre.

I knew that literature minor would come in handy...
13404072, fair to middling...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Sep-18-20 01:29 PM
..not meddling.

Blame regional accents and misunderstanding.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13404074, One of Drills in Basic used that ALL the damn time...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Sep-18-20 01:45 PM
“Privates, none of y’all will be getting any personal time, this weekend...performance at the range was fair to middling...and I’m being generous”
13404092, just like there's a dog called Petbull
Posted by tariqhu, Fri Sep-18-20 03:03 PM