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Topic subjectThe most punchable lead in a tv show this year: We Are Who We Are
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13403641, The most punchable lead in a tv show this year: We Are Who We Are
Posted by Bambino Grande, Tue Sep-15-20 03:05 PM

The new show by Luca Guadagnino (of Call Me By Your Name fame) premiered today, and it has many a redeeming quality. Its set in Italy (again), Chloe Sevigny, Kid Cudi is in it, music by Dev Hynes (even though the intro was a huge CMBYN ripoff? or?), but HOLY SH*** the lead character (Jack Dylan Grazer) is so annoying I was shouting at the TV half the episode. Not gonna spoil it yet for those who haven't watched (and are planning to watch), but please come check back in after viewing. His behaviour and mustache had me so mad

13403644, I just googled his name
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Sep-15-20 03:24 PM
and this image popped up.


He has the look of a professional sports GM who uses analytics to make bad trades.
13403646, YES, lol. Pure aesthetics aside, his character is really.... horrible
Posted by Bambino Grande, Tue Sep-15-20 03:31 PM

all the while rocking a $300 Raf Simons t-shirt, a 14 year old's mustache and dyed blonde hair + being a PUNK. Oh lord even typing this riles me up
13403645, I tuned in channel surfing and he had just slapped Chloe
Posted by rdhull, Tue Sep-15-20 03:30 PM
and a few seconds later was sniveling 2 year old style next to a dryer

13403648, Exactly. I really dont know how I feel about this show, I was amped
Posted by Bambino Grande, Tue Sep-15-20 03:33 PM


Hopefully we'll see less of lil douchy bieber and more of the other characters (they seemed cool)

According to NYT next ep starts with Jordan Kristine Seamon's character, so hopefully there'll be more of her and less of ... that
13404521, 2nd ep was infinitely more palatable with Jordan K Seamon as the lead
Posted by Bambino Grande, Tue Sep-22-20 04:00 PM

and that Fraser kid as a prop, lol

Also Dev Hynes is killing this soundtrack, the outro theme when they did the z*pl***** in the last scenes was awesome